Change Group Reading: The Black Agenda

The Frederick Friends Meeting Change Group has finished Caste and is starting The Black Agenda: Bold Solutions for a Broken System, edited by Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman.

The Black Agenda mobilizes top Black experts from across the country to share transformative perspectives on how to deploy anti-racist ideas and policies into everything from climate policy to criminal justice to healthcare. …

[It] is the first book of its kind―a bold and urgent move towards social justice through a profound collection of essays featuring Black scholars and experts across economics, education, health, climate, and technology. It speaks to the question “What’s next for America?” on the subjects of policy-making, mental health, artificial intelligence, climate movement, the future of work, the LGBTQ community, the criminal legal system, and much more.

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The Change Group meets on the first Sunday of the month at the rise of meeting for worship (noonish). Use the meeting for worship Zoom link if you are joining us online.

Contact: David Kunz (see directory for details).

About the FFM Change Group – “Becoming We”

  • Answering that of God in everyone.
  • How do we love each other?
  • What will meeting look like when we’ve truly accepted each other’s diversity?