Meetinghouse Use Policy

Frederick Friends Meeting (FFM) welcomes the use of its meetinghouse and property. There is a residential tenant on the third floor, and some of the second-floor space is rented by businesses. Use of that space is governed by the tenants’ leases. Other interior spaces and the yard can be reserved for occasional use by appropriate organizations or individuals. The space available for non-FFM groups generally consists of rooms on the first floor and the yard, though special arrangements can be made for use of rooms on the second floor. Additional guidance applies to use by organizations associated with Baltimore Yearly Meeting (BYM) for overnight activities involving youth.

The Calendar Coordinator, working with the Trustees, schedules usage. Non-Quaker organizations that wish to schedule use should be ones whose purpose and philosophy is compatible with Quaker testimonies. The building may be used by advocacy groups and for discussions on issues. However, use of the building is not compatible with meetings held in support of any political party or any political candidate.

Expectations for Use

  • Individuals and groups will use only the areas scheduled with the Calendar Coordinator.
  • Users will set up any items required for their activities and take them down after the event.
  • Users will arrange with the Calendar Coordinator about how to get into the building and lock it up when they leave.
  • The responsible person will be present during all times of occupancy (preparation, use, and clean up).
  • Premises will be left in the condition found, with respect to cleanliness, lights turned on or off, and doors locked.
  • Users will not allow any weapons, smoking, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or illegal activities on the property.
  • Users will comply with all state and local government guidelines related to COVID-19 or other public health emergencies.
  • Users will comply with any additional instructions provided by the Calendar Coordinator.

Payment for Use of the Space

No rent is charged for occasional use of the meetinghouse and its grounds. Donations are welcome, however, to help defray the cost of maintaining the building (electricity and water use, cleaning, etc.) Suggested donations are as follows, though the Meeting does not want the suggested donation to discourage individuals and groups in the community from using the space:

  • $25 from a Quaker group (except for FFM committees and groups and BYM organizations)
  • $50 from a non-Quaker group

Users may wish to consider a larger donation if they are using more than a single room or the yard as well as a room. The Calendar Coordinator will provide information about how to submit any donation.

General Information

Individuals and groups wishing to schedule space can check availability at the Meetinghouse Use Calendar. If it is available at the time they need, all non-FFM individuals and groups should request use of the space by completing the application for use of the meetinghouse (see below). If the space does not seem to be available, they may still request space, because more than one group might use parts of the meetinghouse in some circumstances.

FFM events advertised to the public need to be approved at Meeting for Business before they are scheduled and announced. Once they have been approved, the committee or individuals organizing the event should use this application to have the event put on the Meetinghouse Use Calendar

FFM committees can use the application to schedule their meetings or communicate directly with the Calendar Coordinator as to when they will be using rooms for their committee meetings.

Approved by Frederick Friends Meeting on September 10, 2017. Updated by the Trustees in June 2021.